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Popular Gadgets

These are the 15 most popular gadgets from the past week, based on how many people looked at their pages.

Motion Activated Lawn Sprinkler

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I wish I had one of these last spring when raccoons were digging up my lawn. It's a motion activated lawn sprinkler, for the express purpose of scaring away garden pests such as raccoons, dogs, cats, and other animals. When triggered by its infrared day-or-night motion sensor, it sprays a forceful stream of water at the intruders.

World's Smallest Multi-Function GPS Watch

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Made by Suunto, this is the world's smallest multifunction GPS watch for wilderness navigation. It uses a text display of latitude, longitude and waypoints, and it also has an altimeter, barometer, thermometer, and compass.

Aero-Garden Kit

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This is the perfect gift for cooks or gardeners or yourself, no green thumb required. It's a counter-top herb garden, with the perfect balance of organic nutrients, oxygen, lighting and automation technology. No messy soil is needed. It comes complete with everything including seed pods and nutrients.

CEIVA Digital Photo Frame

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CEIVA offers the world's only connected digital photo frames. With a digital photo frame, you can display photos from your digital camera as if they were regular photos, except that the frame can bring your pictures to life in a full-color slideshow.

CEIVA frames can receive photos through the internet (no computer required) directly from friends and family anywhere in the world. New photos can also be sent directly to the frame from camera phones.

CEIVA Digital Photo Frames are on sale now with a number of special offers to choose from.

Safe Hydrogen-Powered Rocket

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This rocket blasts an amazing 200 feet in the air using hydrogen fuel that children can safely create themselves. Because hydrogen fuel burns cleanly and leaves only water as its byproduct, it is considered the fuel of the future - making this rocket a unique and innovative departure from traditional hobby models. Simply mix tap water with the included crystals. One batch of tap-water fuel can power blast-offs for an entire day. Numerous safety mechanisms ensure that the rocket can only be launched vertically, that the ignition button must be held a full 15 feet away, and that ignition won’t occur without all parts properly fitted. After launch, the sturdy ABS plastic rocket drifts gently back to earth on spinning helicopter blades.

Levitron Omega Levitating Spinning Top

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The American Association of Physics Teachers called the original Levitron "the best new science toy in a generation." This, the latest version, is so much more than a spinning top. As it spins (using only your finger-power, no batteries are required), it levitates above a magnetic pad, high enough for you to pass your hand under it, and is great fun for kids and adults alike.

The Remote Control Night Vision Spy Car

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I can't tell you how many times I've thought "What if I could mount a video-camera on the front of an RC car and drive it around while seeing what the camera sees". Ok, I'll tell you - quite a few, because I'm an RC junkie.

This remote control car not only lets you see what the car sees, it does it with a night-vision camera that sends images wirelessly to a remote headset with an eyepiece and LCD, allowing you to see what the car sees in the dark! Kids will absolutely love this. If they can ever pry it away from dad, that is.

Radio Controlled Robotic Shark

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Cue the Jaws soundtrack. This 2-foot long radio-controlled shark is ready for the pool. With a submersible controller (so you can swim with the shark), it has a range of 40' and a 15-minute runtime.

Philips DECT Digital Baby Monitor

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Having suffered through two kids worth of basic, no-frills baby monitors, I now greatly appreciate the features that Philips have built into their new DECT digital baby monitors. DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication, and it's basically the same technology built into high-quality digital cordless phones. Unlike the older-style baby monitors I had to use before, this one has zero interference from nearby monitors or other devices in or around the home. It's also a totally private connection -- the neighbors can no longer listen in.

Recently featured in Time Magazine, the Philips DECT Baby Monitor features a two-way intercom so you can communicate with your child directly from the handset, an integrated thermometer reads ambient room temperature and displays it on the handset and base, 5 different lullabies are controllable from the handset, a nighlight is controllable from the handset, and rechargeable batteries with up to 12 hours operation between charges.

Also included are a belt clip, neck cord, zippered travel bag, and a lifetime guarantee.

Casio Atomic Time Watch

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I've seen so many watches lately that record and display all sorts of data that I'd forgotten what a watch is really for: to tell you the time. But how do you make sure your watch has the right time? With Casio's atomic time watch, you don't need to worry about it.

The watch receives radio signals from five atomic clocks across the world, thus ensuring that your watch will tell you the correct time for the next 30 million years. Other features include the usual multiple alarms (4), timer, stopwatch, and solar power!

Shure E500PTH - The Ultimate Sound Isolating Earphones

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While these may the most expensive earphones ever, except perhaps for those with gold plating and diamond studs, the Shure E500PTH Sound Isolating Earphones are pretty much the earphones to drool over.

Sound quality is, no argument, the best in the market.

I normally hate ear bud style headphones, but the comfort of these can't be beat. They feel like nothing is there.

And one of the nicest features - push to hear. Most noise-isolating earphones do just that, isolate the outside noise so that all you hear is your music. And then when someone talks to you, or you actually want to hear something outside, you have to pull them off. The Shures have a switch that causes them to reverse the sound isolation, so that you hear what's outside and not what's playing.

They include a carrying case, and the "push-to-hear" switch can be removed for increased portability. You can't go wrong with these, as long as you can afford the steep price.

Maytag SkyBox Personal Beverage Vendor

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"Ka-Thunk." Want to hear that satisfying vending-machine sound when grabbing a cold beverage? This customizable personal beverage vendor from Maytag holds 66 12-ounce cans or 33 12-ounce bottles. Child lock-out lets you lock some sections while leaving others accessible. To add some personal style, the front and side panels of the SkyBox can be customized with NFL, college, NASCAR, and other sports and beverage logos. It operates without coins or dollar bills. And just think about how much room you can free up in your refrigerator.

Lego Mindstorms NXT Robotic Building System

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This all-new Lego Mindstorms pack has a new NXT Intelligent Brick with a 32-bit microprocessor and more memory. The kit features 3 servo motors with built-in rotation sensors for precise control, and over 500 Lego Technic elements. The computer software features intuitive drag-and-drop programming.

Friendly Robotics RL800 Robomower

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First, how well does it work? It has an overall owner rating of 4.5/5 stars: "Overall, this is an excellent product which is not only as good as the conventional mower, but exceeds it in many ways...Even after reading all the positive reviews I was still skeptical about how well Robomower would work. Well, I got mine set up today and, can I put this? I LOVE IT! This thing is TOO COOL!" This robotic lawnmower is designed to replace your walk/push mower. It operates safely, quietly and automatically. Designed for one-time setup, it works in almost any lawn or garden environment, with wire sensors that prevent it from crossing the lawn perimeter. It even recycles clippings into nutrient-rich mulch for healthier grass.It runs on rechargeable power pack eliminating the need for oil and gas, and it has its own theft deterrent system. (Several owners self-report that they have named their robomower.)

5-Mile Laser Pointer

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My laser pointer can out-shine your laser pointer! This handheld laser projects a bright point of green light for more than five miles and can be used to point out stars or mounted to a telescope. Or annoy cats in the next state.

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